Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Power of the Scriptures

I created this activity to introduce the song Scripture Power, but it could be used any time the subject is scripture related. 
Begin by showing the children a small lamp.  Ask one of the children to switch it on.  The bulb won't light because the lamp is not plugged in-it has no power.  Explain that electricity is a kind of energy or power.  When we plug a device into a power outlet, power flows to the device and it works.  Plug the lamp into an outlet and ask the child to try to switch it on again.
Ask what kind of power we get from the scriptures.  Some possible answers are listed in the activity.  Tell the children that reading the scriptures is like plugging into an outlet- we can't benefit from the power unless we "plug in," or read.
Print the document linked below.  Display the first page at the front of the room.  Then cut out the lightning bolts on the following pages.  On the back, write a type of power, and the title and page number of  a song that works with the theme.  Have one of the children find a lightning bolt and move it to the page at the front of the room.  Briefly discuss the power and sing the song.  Remember, Singing Time is not Sharing Time- be sure not to spend too much time talking.

Possible Powers and my song suggestions:
Power to make good choices
Choose the Right (Hymns 239)
Dare to Do Right (#158)
Stand for the Right (#159)
Power to be happy
A Smile is like the Sunshine (#267)
Fun to Do (#253)
Power to endure
The Wise Man and the Foolish Man (#281)
Power of the Atonement
He Sent His Son (#34)
To Think About Jesus (#71)
Power of baptism
Baptism (#100)
When I am Baptized (#103)
Power of charity
"Give," Said the Little Stream (#236)
Power of peace
Keep the Commandments (#146)
Power of courage
Dare to do Right (#158)
Stand for the Right (#159)
Power of faith
Faith (#96)
Power of family
Families Can Be Together Forever (#188)
Power of Missionary Work
I Want to be a Missionary Now (#168)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Heroes of the Scriptures"

This year, many choristers have chosen to teach a song called "Heroes of the Scriptures."

I want to be like Noah,
Obedient to the Lord,
Courageous like Queen Esther
And Ammon with his sword.
Like Ruth, I would be faithful.
Like Noah, I'd be true.
Examples in the scriptures
Can teach me what to do.

I want to be like Daniel
And stand up for the right;
Like Joseph Smith, seek wisdom
In prayer for heaven's light.
Sariah's strength on journeys
And Alma's change of heart
Inspire me to choose wisely,
Repent and do my part.

I want to be like Mary,
Rejoicing in the truth;
Like Samuel and Moroni,
Who listened in their youth.
Examples in the scriptures
Can help me to become
Obedient, brave and holy-
More like God's perfect Son.

I created a puppet for each of the characters mentioned in the song.  Print the document linked at the bottom of the page.  Then carefully cut out the mouth holes.  Consider laminating the puppets if you plan to use them several times.

Have the children take turns holding the puppets to their faces and singing through the holes.  Repeat the song as many times as possible until you run out of time or the activity becomes too irreverent.   

Because it was published in "The Friend" magazine, it is approved for use in our callings, but it is always a good idea to first ask permission from your presidency.  You should also ask your presidency if they approve of the activity.  It might be more appropriate for Activity Days than for Sunday.  And, as always, be sure to include church-approved images that help the children understand that these are real people.

(Facebook commenter Cyndi points out that the lyrics will work with the music to "Scripture Power!")







Joseph Smith





Click below to download: 
Or click here:

Monday, May 16, 2016

"Praise to the Man" Review

I've created this game for Senior Primary to review verses one, three, and/or the chorus of "Praise to the Man."  It is a good way to get the kids to sing the song many times and to pay attention to the lyrics without realizing that they're working.   
To prepare the game:
1.  Download the appropriate PDF at the bottom of the page. (I have a separate document for each verse and the chorus, in both US and A4 paper sizes).
2.  Print the first two pages
3.  Print the last two pages on the back of the first two.
4.  Cut out the strips.
Now you should have a puzzle with the picture on one side and the lyrics to the song on the other.  (If you can't get the lyrics to line up, just write them in marker.)  Cut a piece of clear shelf paper, or press-and-seal plastic, big enough to cover the entire puzzle.  Remove the backing and attach it to the blackboard, sticky-side-out, with magnets or tape.   Attach the puzzle pieces, lyrics-side-out, to the blackboard with magnets or clear tape.  
Tell the children that they need to learn the song so well that they can recite it inside-out, backward and forward.  They're going to see if they can sing the song from the end to the beginning.  Take the strip that reads "the hero again." and place it at the bottom of the piece of shelf paper.  Explain that this is the last line of the verse. 
Ask them to sing the song with you and listen for the line that occurs just BEFORE this one.  Sing through the song and ask the children which word strip belongs just above the one that you've already posted.  Have them find the word-strip and carefully attach it to the shelf paper above the first. 
Continue the game until all the word strips are on the page in the correct order.  When the lyrics are complete, remove the magnets holding up the shelf paper and turn it around, showing the children the picture side of the puzzle. 

The completed puzzles will look like this:
Verse 1
Verse 3



Actually, click HERE:


Thursday, April 28, 2016

"This is My Beloved Son" Rock-Paper-Scissors

1.  Display the pictures below on the chalkboard.  Label each one with the number of the verse it represents.
2.  Ask the children one of the questions at the bottom of the page. 
3.  Tell the children to hit their fists on their palms three times while they say "rock, paper, scissors."  On the forth time, they hold up the number of fingers that represents the verse that answers your question. 
4.  Briefly discuss how the verse answers your question.  Sing the verse. 
John Baptizing Jesus (GAK 208)
Jesus Christ Appears to the Nephites (GAK 315)
The First Vision (GAK 403)
Q:  Where was Jesus baptized? 
A:  v1, in the River Jordan
Q:  How did Joseph Smith know which church he should join?
A:  v3, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him
Q:  How should baptism be performed?
A:  v1, by immersion
Q:  When should I read my scriptures?
A:  v4, daily
Q:  Does Heavenly Father look like a person?
A:  v3, yes!
Q:  How can I hear the words of Christ?
A:  v4, read the scriptures
Q:  How did Christ visit the Nephites?
A:  v2, he came down from the heavens
Q:  How did the Nephites know they were seeing  Christ?
A:  v2, they heard the voice of God witness
Q:  How can I know that the scriptures are true?
A:  v4, you will feel the Spirit in your heart