Saturday, July 26, 2014

Primary Program Signs

Use theses signs during the primary program in order to discretely get the children's attention.  I've included the ones I most commonly need.  If you can think of others which would be useful, let me know!

For the song cue cards, I've included my pick, "Love at Home."  Obviously, many of you will have chosen different songs for the months of May and June.  Because of this, I've left the document in Word format so that it can be edited.  You can copy and paste a picture from this link which corresponds with your song and change the caption below the picture.  


Sing Louder


Look up


Get ready to sing "He Sent His Son"

Get ready to sing "I Will Follow God's Plan for Me"

Get ready to sing "I Stand All Amazed"

Get ready to sing "The Family is of God"

Get ready to sing "Love at Home"

Get ready to sing "Baptism"

Get ready to sing "Seek the Lord Early"

Friday, July 25, 2014

Lesson Plans: August 2014

  • Teach the monthly song, "Seek the Lord Early" with the flip chart found here.
  • Review "Seek the Lord Early" with the Youth in the Scriptures Activity (coming soon)
  • Demonstrate the idea of seeking and practice the song with the "Hide and Go Sing" activity and/or the "Hot and Cold" activity.  
  • Support the weekly themes with the following songs:
    • Week 1, "Pray in your families unto the Father... that your families may be blessed."  Review "A Child's Prayer," which they learned last year, with this flipchart and video
    • Week 2, "Family home evening strengthens my family," teach the quick, easy and catchy song "Family Night."
    • Week 3, "Scripture study gives me and my family spiritual strength,"  teach my all-time favorite primary song, "Scripture Power."
    • Week 4, "The Sabbath is a day of rest and worship." teach "Saturday is a Special Day"
  • If you have an early Primary Program, get a head start with my best Links for Reviewing for the 2014 Primary Program

Review Links for the 2014 Primary Program

Keep Track of Which Songs are Ready

Resources for Specific Songs

Best Resources for Reviewing Any One Song at a Time

Polish Up By Working Out the Final Kinks in the 2014 Songs

Best Resources for Reviewing ALL the Program Songs At Once

Links for a Better Performance

Practice: Hide and Go Sing

I plan to use this activity to practice the August 2014 song, "Seek the Lord Early."  I'll explain to the children that "seek" means to look earnestly for something, just like you do when you play hide-and-go-seek.  This activity is just a variation on that game.

First, choose a reverent child to leave the room for a moment.  If the child is young, send an adult to wait with him.  While the child is out of the room, choose another child to be "it."  This is the only child who will not sing.  Bring in the first child and have the primary sing him the song that you're working on.  See if he can spot the child who is not singing by the time the song is over.  Stress to the other children that you are all working together.  If the child figures out who is "it," then all of the children have won the game.  If they want to be successful, they will all have to sing their best.


If you have a small primary, you might have the child who is "it" mouth the words but not sing out loud.  This is extremely challenging and my Senior Primary tends to enjoy it.

If you have a larger primary, you can choose several children to be "it" and see how many the child can find before the song is over.

If your primary has too much difficulty with a particular song, it may not be possible to spot the one child who is purposefully not singing.  In this case, you can use a visual cue, such as a necklace or a button which the child who is "it" will wear.